Puzzolana Crushing Plant Sale In India

Puzzolana Crushing Plant Sale In India

How to increase the output of Puzzolana Crushing Machines

How to effectively increase the output of Puzzolana Crushing Machines has always been a problem of high user click-through rate of Puzzolana Crushing Machines. To improve the output of Puzzolana Crushing Machines and make them work efficiently, not only must we have correct operation methods but also pay attention to them. Some details of your operation process. These are the teachers of our Puzzolana Crushing Machine and some opinions on improving the output of Puzzolana Crushing Machines. I would like to share with you here:

  • 1. Use the counter-attack plate to realize the pre-crushing of large pieces of mineral materials, reduce the workload of gear teeth and improve the crushing efficiency.
  • 2. Using the spiral propulsion structure to achieve the “level 1” screening and rapid propulsion of the mineral materials, most of the mineral materials that meet the requirements are directly leaked, reducing the phenomenon of “clogging” and improving the crushing capacity.
  • 3. The new high-efficiency Puzzolana Crushing Machine has the ability of 2 levels of screening, and only crushes the mineral materials that do not meet the particle size requirements, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • 4. Equipped with a retreat mechanism, according to the breaking requirements, the distance between the counterattack plate and the box liner can be adjusted.
  • 5, two-tooth roller shaft differential operation, with better shear and tensile fracture effect.
  • 6. There is a certain gap between the two-tooth roller shafts, and the material that meets the requirements is leaked from the gap to achieve the “secondary” screening of the mineral material to further improve the crushing capacity.

If you want to increase the output of the Puzzolana Crushing Machine, first ask yourself if you have done it above six points? Then ask yourself if you know the Puzzolana Crushing Machine? Will you operate the Puzzolana Crushing Machine correctly? If you have all of the above problems, then the output of your Puzzolana Crushing Machine will definitely achieve the desired effect.

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